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Welcome to the Ultimate Square! This page is dedicated to Square/Square USA/Squaresoft games! I intend to keep it as my most updated page ever! Keep your eyes open, this page will be updated constantly when I find time for it (ie. probably never again).

Final Fantasy I-VI
Final Fantasy VII
Final Fantasy Tactics
Final Fantasy VIII
Seiken Densetsu I-III (Secret of Mana)
Chrono Trigger
SquareSoft MIDI Collection

News: 12/05/01

Ha. Haha. Ahahahahaha... It seems that my ambitious project to keep a constantly updated web page is impossible. I never put in the time and effort to work on this section any more, so if you ever come here looking for an update, you can stop holding your breath. This section might as well be declared dead/never to be updated again.

News: 6/1/00

Yegads! There I go again, forgetting I have a web page. Wow, two years already... It's disturbing when you realize how long you've been online... Anyway, I've added a section for Xenogears, the ultimate Square game. ^_^

News: 8/28/99

The Seiken III section hasn't been updated, but I did change part of my FF7 section. The wrong e-mail was listed for FF7 save files (oops!), so if you sent one recently, send it to the new address. Also, I've added a new MIDI, one from Xenogears. A section for that game may show up soon...

News: 8/13/99

Seiken Densetsu III was translated! That means I can finally add to my Seiken 3 section. I already have a collection of music up, and I'll have more up soon. Keep your eyes peeled!

News: 7/05/99

Just a small update: I've added a neat little random music controller. Thanks to the RPG Oasis for providing the code! Also, added a MIDI page (what a coincidence!).

News: 4/16/99

EGAD! I've updated this page far more often than it appears, I promise you! The problem lies in that no one really visits anything but the FF7 GameHack section, so I don't get much publicity here. I updated everything else, now.

News: 12/11/98

Lots more codes for FF7PC! I will update other sections as requested, but otherwise, that's it.

News: 10/11/98

Added FF Tactics, FFVIII, Chrono Trigger, & Seiken Densetsu sections. Removed the SaGa Frontier section (not Soja!), can't find anything on it.

News: 8/20/98

I've added in the FFI-VI sections to my page. Still some things missing, but I'll add them in soon.

News: 8/5/98

The page has now been posted onto the web! I've completed the Final Fantasy VII section so far, but I'm going to need some time before I can complete all of the others.

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